Cheverly History Begins

1682: First land patents were formed for Cheverly

Cheverly History Proper Begins

1918: First Ad for Cheverly home posted.

Cheverly Civil Rights Leaders Fight For Equality

1950s-1970s The 4th Ward Civic Association leads efforts to desegregate the Town of Cheverly and the County schools

New Cheverly Wards

1990:New ward boundaries drawn. Plans aimed at increasing number of Blacks on town council, reaction to lawsuit filed by ACLU

Cheverly Becomes Tree City USA

Cheverly has been designated as a Tree City USA in 1994

Cheverly Community Market Opens

In 2008, local residents opened the Cheverly Community Market to bring fresh produce to the town.

What the Town Council Does

How we serve you
  • Local Concerns

    Do you have a question about the road work happening on your block or that tree that looks like it needs a trim. Send me an email and I can help you track down the answer

  • Pass the Town Budget

    Each year the town balances its budget and in addition to the annual projects and expenses we vote on Capital Improvement Projects

  • Town Meetings

    The Town hosts a monthly televised meeting to discuss and vote on issues before the council. Residents are encouraged to come and share and ideas/thoughts/concerns during citizen input. Residents may also comment on any of the proposals before the council. Town Meetings are the second Thursday of the Month at 8pm

  • Worksession

    The Town hosts a monthly work session where we dig into the issues on the agenda, bring in special guests as well as up bring new issues. Work sessions are held on the Fourth Thursday of the month at 7:30pm

    Council Updates

    A Summary of the What The Council Has Been Working On


    The 2017-2019 Cheverly Town Council
    Cheverly Non-Intervention Act
    Cheverly Non-Intervention Act
    New Ordinance

    In 2018, the Cheverly Council passed an ordinance that codifies the policy that the Cheverly Police Department shall not inquire about an individual’s immigration status or report individuals to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's.

    Inclusive Playgrounds
    Inclusive Playground
    Upcoming Project

    The town will be renovating the Woodworth playground to be inclusive for kids of all abilities.'s.

    Mml Main St. Booth
    MML Main St. Booth
    Showing off our Town

    For the first time ever Cheverly participated in the Main st. Booth at the summer maryland municipal league. We had the opportunity to show off what makes Cheverly such a wonderful community and the fun things that make us unique!'s.

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