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Notes from April 27 Town Council Work Session

I had the pleasure to attend the April 27 Town of Cheverly Work Session and below are a few notes from the evening.  There was also a discussion around determining the tax rate.  I did not take great notes about that section so I don't want to misrepresent!  Notes should be posted next week.  There were two major areas of discussion, the first being the Boyd Park Retrofit.  Please see the attached images for more information about the proposal.  
1. 64th Avenue Water Quality Project Decision Required: None. The Mayor and Council were briefed by the contractor regarding the details of the previously authorized grant project to improve water quality entering the Lower Beaver Dam Creek. Please see the attached documents for more information

2. Route 202 Road Diet – Bike Lanes The bulk of the meeting was spent on this issue.  In November 2015 a study was conducted on the traffic patterns on 202 from 495-450.  There is an already scheduled resurfacing project scheduled for the area from Rt.…

Meet the Candidates Night

The Cheverly Women's Club hosted the 2017 meet the candidates forum tonight and it was a really great event for the candidates to get to talk to so many of you, and to enjoy both Sweet Bobby's Cake Creation and Coleman's Kitchen.  Yum!

I was delighted to see a pretty full room for this event and really appreciate all of the thoughtful questions everyone asked!

All of the current candidates for town council were there, unfortunately there is still no candidate for Ward 5.  If you or anyone you know is interested in running for Ward 5, please do!

I'll be headed over to Ward 5 to see if there are any interested candidates over there tomorrow (Thursday, April 27) if you'd like to join me email me at

I would like to qualify that my notes from tonight are brief so I don't have attributions for anyones ideas other than my own.(marked with an asterisk)

Ward 5 Representative
The first question was just that, what to do to make sure Ward 5 is r…

April Town Hall Meeting

TOWN MEETING 4/13/17 - 8:00 PM

The March 23 Work session included a presentation from Parks and Planning about the Greater Cheverly Sector Plan.  They were overwhelmed with comments and will hopefully have a final plan in about 6 months maybe?
There were only 10 crimes in March.  Double the 5 crimes there were in February.  It's pretty sweet that there are so few crimes now.
Cheverly Day is next month so sign up for the parade!
Road Safety  One thing that came up in Citizen Input and from Councilwoman Raizi is the importance of safety on the road.  Too many cars are sliding through stop signs and speeding down our roads.  The town is looking to replace the elevated cross walks on Cheverly Ave.  Also there are many concerns with the traffic patterns around the two elementary schools so the Council has decided to hire a traffic engineer to look into this further.

This is one of the most common concerns I hear as I've been going around town is the concern about the speeding and…

Progressive Cheverly Anthony Brown Town Hall

For a town of just over 6,000 residents it is great to see so many leaders come to us to talk about the issues that they are facing in their respective chambers.

In January, Progressive Cheverly brought our state Senator Victor Ramirez and State Delegates Jimmy Tarlau and Diane Fennell to a packed room of constituents asking a range of questions about the legislative session.

Just last week Progressive Cheverly welcomed Congressman Anthony Brown who stayed late to respond to all of the questions from our packed audience.  Congressman Brown has been to a lot of
town halls recently but this one great because it was a smaller setting so everyone that lined up to ask a question was able to.

One thing that stood out from Congressman Brown's statement was that he is not only looking to continue legislation that former Congresswoman Donna Edwards introduced in the last session of congress.  Also, if you'd like for him to cosponsor a bill he suggested sending him a comment on facebook