April Town Hall Meeting

4/13/17 - 8:00 PM

The March 23 Work session included a presentation from Parks and Planning about the Greater Cheverly Sector Plan.  They were overwhelmed with comments and will hopefully have a final plan in about 6 months maybe?

There were only 10 crimes in March.  Double the 5 crimes there were in February.  It's pretty sweet that there are so few crimes now.

Cheverly Day is next month so sign up for the parade!

Road Safety

One thing that came up in Citizen Input and from Councilwoman Raizi is the importance of safety on the road.  Too many cars are sliding through stop signs and speeding down our roads.  The town is looking to replace the elevated cross walks on Cheverly Ave.  Also there are many concerns with the traffic patterns around the two elementary schools so the Council has decided to hire a traffic engineer to look into this further.

This is one of the most common concerns I hear as I've been going around town is the concern about the speeding and traffic around our area of town.  I really hope this traffic engineer will help us keep our town safe for our cyclists, runners, pets and kids.

Operating Budget
They also briefly went over the operating budget for next year and it sounds like some of our roads will be getting repaired so that will be good!

Candidate Forum
Finally, I want to announce that The Women's Club of Cheverly is hosting a forum for all candidates running for town council on April 26.  They will be featuring food from one of our local caterers, so please come for the food and the conversation.


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