Notes from April 27 Town Council Work Session

I had the pleasure to attend the April 27 Town of Cheverly Work Session and below are a few notes from the evening.  There was also a discussion around determining the tax rate.  I did not take great notes about that section so I don't want to misrepresent!  Notes should be posted next week.  There were two major areas of discussion, the first being the Boyd Park Retrofit.  Please see the attached images for more information about the proposal.  

1. 64th Avenue Water Quality Project
Decision Required: None.
The Mayor and Council were briefed by the contractor regarding the details of the previously authorized grant project to improve water quality entering the Lower Beaver Dam Creek. Please see the attached documents for more information

2. Route 202 Road Diet – Bike Lanes
The bulk of the meeting was spent on this issue.  In November 2015 a study was conducted on the traffic patterns on 202 from 495-450.  There is an already scheduled resurfacing project scheduled for the area from Rt. 450-Rt. 50.  The proposal is that when the lines are painted back onto Rt. 202 between Cheverly and 450 to reduce the number of lanes on each side from 3 to 2.  A number of issues were brought up by the council members and Mayor Callahan requested that the team come back to present at a public meeting before the next town meeting on May 11 (at approx 6pm).

Please consider attending this meeting to learn more about the proposal and make sure that your opinion is heard.

[Edit 5/3] The Road diet is no longer under consideration, please stay tuned for more information

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