May Work session Notes

Come to our next meeting!
The first work session of the 43rd Cheverly Town Council was packed with some really great information! A few of our neighbors have been asking me about attending work sessions or town meetings and so here is the basic information.

The second Thursday of each month is the Town Meeting that starts at 8pm in the gym at Town Hall. Each meeting has a dedicated time for public input.  This is a great time to bring your concerns to the council to start the conversation.  The work sessions are the fourth Thursday of each month and start at 7:30 in the conference room at Town Hall and the agenda is set ahead of time but there are opportunities for the audience to comment on the items.  Please come to both and let us know how you feel about the issues at hand!

This most recent meeting was Thursday May 25 and started with the approval of $800 for The Woman's Club Peace camp.  The new council was briefed on the duties and responsibilities of the office.

Laila Riazi was unanimously voted to be the vice-mayor for this term.

The council discussed a letter from Mayor Callahan to the State Housing Authority and the Department of Public Works regarding the conditions of and traffic patterns around Columbia Park Drive.  The conversation also covered the sensor at 64th Ave and Columbia Park Drive being too far our and wanting to talk to SHA about moving it back.

Continuing the conversation about our roads we had a conversation about the red light camera at the corner of Rt. 202.  Specifically the intersection of Rt. 202 and Kilmer Ave. The red light camera is important to ensure that people are discouraged from running that light and are aware of the pedestrians using the crosswalk.  Since SHA does not want to put signs up at each intersection, Mayor Mike will ask for Cheverly Station Apartments management to post notices about the presence of the red light camera for its' residents periodically.

The final traffic related conversation of the night was regarding the Traffic Engineer that the council has authorized in order to examine the traffic issues surrounding the two schools.  I have asked that 63rd Place and 64th Ave be included in the proposal along with Kilmer, Jason, Jocelyn, Inwood and 63rd Ave.  This will be discussed again at the June work session so please come June 22 with any questions or suggestions you may have.

The budget was discussed again at this work session and will be voted on for passage at the June 8 Town Meeting.  The budget includes some important projects like a new website for the town (yay!) improving the tennis & basketball courts at Town Park (next year the track will be resurfaced!), and preparing the Kilmer property to be opened to the public.  If you would like to look at a copy of the budget come to town hall during normal business hours and you can pick one up.

There was a lengthy conversation about amplified music from Town Park Pavilion being heard by neighbors on Woodway & Forest.  It was agreed upon that people in the surrounding neighborhood may be putting up with more noise than they should.  If you do, please, call it in.  The reservation form has been edited to include the reserver to acknowledge the noise ordinance and to state that upon the second violation that the permit will be terminated immediately.

One town benefit I didn't know about until recently is that we have an oil recycling site!  Unfortunately people have been leaving other hazardous material that are not allowed.  If you have any need to dispose of hazardous material, please bring them to the Brown Station Landfill.

The final note, is more of an FYI, the town of Bladensburg is currently looking into Ernest Maier's request for a special exception to build a concrete batching plant at 4700 Annapolis Rd. Bladensburg MD.  There was one meeting last night but there is another one during the Bladensburg work session on Thursday night, June 1 at 6:30 PM at Bladensburg Town Hall.

Those are the main points from the meeting, please remember to let me know your thoughts here:

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