June Town Meeting Notes

The June town meeting started a little early with SHA coming to take comments about improving Rt. 202 between Rt. 50 and Rt. 450.  They took our questions and comments and then gave us post it notes to make comments about what we would like to have improved.  These comments will probably not turn into action in the near term but it is good for us to stay on their radar.  Please let me know if you have any questions/comments here(link)
The awards presentations came up first and we were really lucky to have kids there cheering on their moms for the incredible work they're doing.  Please see below for the summaries about both of the awards and their recipients.
Volunteer of the Year: Cheverly Refugee Assistance Effort
    This year the Town of Cheverly welcomed 16 Syrian and Afghanistan families and 28 students to our community and schools.  The support for this effort was simply overwhelming.   While the entire Town of Cheverly could be given this award, there are a few leaders who deserve special recognition: Diane Beedle, Chase O'Brien, Lowri DeJager, and Margaret MacDonnell.  
    These individuals were instrumental in communicating, coordinating and implementing a series of activities that created a warm and welcoming environment for these families.  
    Thanks to their efforts, the Cheverly Community rose to the challenge and provided new uniforms and winter coats, enhanced the Principal's lunch fund to assist these students, provided Thanksgiving Baskets, provided school supplies, provided welcome kits, provided translation services and provided furniture, household goods and groceries for these families.  
   More than two hundred Cheverly families participated in this welcoming effort, and virtually every town organization participated in some way.  
   The Cheverly Refugee Assistance Effort represents what is great about the Town of Cheverly.  Special thanks to Chase, Lowri, Diane and Margaret for their effort to make this happen.  

Jack Wheat Award: Antwoine Harvey
        Antwoine was hired in 2013 to take over the day to day responsibilities of the Red Light and Speed Camera program.   Amtwoine performed this role magnificently, utilizing IT skills to automate every aspect of the program.  Since then Antwoine has become the Police Department IT specialist, automating many time consuming activities, such as: parking citations, code enforcement,  the property database, online police schedule and the department's crime mapping program.  
        Antwoine has an amazing ability to work with residents in difficult situations when they are unhappy about receiving a ticket.  Anwoine is always extremely professional and courteous in his interactions with citizens.   For going above and beyond, time after time, Antwoine Harvey is awarded the Jack Wheat Award. 
8:20    5.  Police Report – Chief Robshaw
 Chief Robshaw reported on the crime rate for May and it is still really low.  The police department has just gotten a new trailer from the vehicle donations from the community.  The trailer will be really helpful for bringing along materials for Street Meets.  The next Street Meet is on June 13 at 6:30pm at Gast (Cheese) Park.  The county is re configuring lanes on Columbia Park Road, there are still problems with the intersection so please take care.
8:25    6.  Committee Reports
David Warrington shared that we are getting closer to getting the raised crosswalks reinstalled on Cheverly Avenue.  Hopefully they will be done by July.  The work going on in the community center parking lot is to improve the storm water treatment for the public works building.
Finally, the stormwater treatment activity for Woodward Park is moving forward and we should be hearing more soon.
                Green Infrastructure Report
The photo exhibit is online at greencheverly.org  please go to check out the winners and all of the submissions.
                Cheverly Day Committee
The Cheverly Day Committee is looking for volunteers to work on the committee for next year.  So please if you enjoy Cheverly Day come and volunteer next year! 
               Planning Board Report
The planning board is meeting Tuesday, June 13 at 7:30 pm and will focus on updates on the smithfield and craftsman properties.
8:30    7.  Citizen Input
Norm Oslik read the statement from Progressive Cheverly regarding The President's withdrawal from Paris Accord.

Fred Price invited the town to participate in the Juneteenth celebration on June 17th from 9am-7pm at Walker Mill Park

8:35    8.  Discussion Concrete Plant @ 4100 Block Kenilworth Avenue
Decision Required: Whether to take a position.

The Mayor and Town Council discussed this matter at the Worksession and placed it on the agenda for discussion and possibly taking a position.
The Town of Bladensburg is currently fielding a proposal for the current Concrete block plant to be updated into a Concrete batching plant.  The decision from the Town of Bladensburg Council is to support with conditions, although we have not seen the full decision.  Madeleine Golde requested that the council take a position against the plant since the town took such a big position against the proposal for the batching plant here.  There will likely be a special meeting to discuss this on June 19.

8:45    9.  Public Hearing Constant Yield Tax Rate
Decision Required: None.  The State requires a public hearing regarding the constant yield tax rate.  The Mayor and Town Council have lowered the tax rate from 54cents in FY17 to 52cents in FY18.
 The final hearing on this will be in July.  Please come and discuss any input you may have during citizen input at the July 13th Town Meeting.

9:00    10.  Second Reading O-2-17 Amending the Personnel Section
Decision Required: Whether to move to adoption. The current Town Code is not in sync with the Federal regulations regarding Military pay for employees that are in the reserves or active duty.  This amendment will bring the Town Code into compliance.

Passed by a vote of 6-0

9:05    11.  Adoption O-B-17 Introducing the FY18 Budget and CIP
Decision Required: Whether to move to adoption. The Mayor and Town Council have been working on the FY18 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program since January and are moving toward passage at the June 8th Town Meeting.  This is a non-codified ordinance as required by the State of Maryland to adopt the Town’s FY18 Budget.

Passed by a vote of 6-0.  If you would like a copy of the budget you could request one at Town Hall.

9:10    12.  Adoption R-7-17 Declaring Surplus Property
Decision Required: Whether to approve.  The Town of Cheverly entered into a contract with Fontana Lithograph in 1997 as part of the Cheverly Urban Renewal Plan (see attached background article).  The owner is seeking to retire the 20 year bonds and purchase the property from the Town of Cheverly for the agreed amount of $1.  This Resolution is required by State law to begin the proceeding.

Once we sell this property, the town will be able to collect real estate taxes going forward.
9:15    13.  Introduction Charter Amendment Resolution CAR-1-17 Annexation
              Decision Required: None. This is the introduction of the Charter Amendment to bring the property at 6301 Kilmer Street into the corporate limits of the Town of Cheverly.
We will vote on this at the next meeting, then there is a 45 day wait period.  One exciting thing about this property is that it includes with it a paper road that could connect 63rd Ave to the intersection of Kilmer, 63rd Ave and 63rd Place.  It would be great to be able to connect the parts of Cheverly to each other.  People have asked

a.Authorizing Cooperation Agreement for the Federal Housing and Urban Development Program
This last minute addition to the schedule is to allow for Prince George's County to use the 6,300 Cheverly residents in the calculations to receive these funds.  In the past Cheverly has used these funds to improve the ADA Accessibility at Town Hall and the path to the Metro.
The Council voted  6-0 to be included

9:30    14.  a. Council Announcements
Councilwoman Stewart announced that Vacation Bible School will start July 17 at Cheverly United Methodist Church.
Councilwoman MacKenzie announced that the market is this Saturday and the Library will be there. Please let me know what types of adult books you would like for them to bring!
Councilman Eldridge announced the Street Meet on June 13th and that since school is over, please drive carefully now that there are a lot more kids on the road.
Councilwoman Raizi made note of the apiaries in town and that in order to protect the bees it's helpful to spray for mosquitoes etc. after dusk because the bees will be already back in their hives.
Councilman Ivey took a moment to remember David Watkins who was a valued member of our community and passed away recently.  He will be missed and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Councilwoman Garcia mentioned her concern with the fireworks proximity to the audience and ashes were falling on people.  
              b. Mayor Announcements and Worksession Agenda
Mayor Callahan closed the meeting by announcing the proposed agenda for the June 22 work session.
1. Columbia Park Road update
2. Position Description for the new front office position
3. Traffic Engineer Discussion
4.  Objectives for the MML Conference
5. Updates on the Craftsman building
6. Updates on the oil deposit
7. Discussion on the concrete batching plant

A few items that will be held until July are:
1. Tree Inventory
2. Street Trees
3. Mayor's climate statement-the Mayor stated that the will likely sign on Councilwoman Riazi and Councilwoman MacKenzie will look into what this means.



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