July Town Meeting

Happy July!  I am so excited to announce that we will be having an Ice Cream Social at Cheverly Station Apartments on August 19 from 1-3 pm.  We invite all Cheverly residents and community groups to come, especially those of us in the 5th & 6th Wards! More information to come!

We had a short Town Meeting last week, but much of it is teeing us up for an extremely busy work session on July 27.

The meeting started promptly at 8pm

Town Administrator Update

  • The paving of Lake Ave is happening next week (the week of July 16).
  • The town is ordering cameras for the hazardous waste collection unit.  It is important that all residents understand that paint can not be deposited here.  
    • If you have good paint left please bring to community fork lift.  
    • If it is latex, dry it out to replace. 
    •  All oil based paint needs to be taken to Brown Station.  
    • Cheverly cannot collect this and transport because we do not have a hazardous waste transport permit.  
    • David Warrington will look into if there are third parties that could come to have a collection day (similar to shred days) although these are very expensive. 
  • The town is preparing a bid for the entrance sign on Carlyle St.
  • The town paid off the Fontana bonds and will be settling.  This is an event 20 years in the making.

Police Report- Chief Robshaw
Chief Robshaw announced that his next street meet will likely be in Ward 5.  [After the meeting we discussed combining the street meet and the Ice Cream Social so it should be an exciting event!] The last street meet was held in the 4th ward near Boyd Park.  It had some added excitement when the officers were called to action after a traffic violation.

There were three robberies in June, one in Walgreens, the second one happened in Fratellis-it was at night and a male subject assaulted a female and stole her wallet-, and a third robbery of a town employee while they were working on Cheverly Avenue.  A shot was fired but no one was hurt.

The police department have been focusing on cutting down the number of people cutting through the Aldi parking lot through added surveillance and citations.  They are also working on enforcing pedestrian violations.

Prince George's County changed the traffic pattern on Columbia Park Drive.  It is still unclear what needs to be done to improve

Green Infrastructure Committee
Pepco has been moving behind Arbor St. in accordance to their internal policies.

Cheverly Day Committee
The first meeting is September 1st and the committee needs more people.  So please join this exciting committee and help plan 2018s event!

Planning Board Report

  • The planing board disscussed the batching plant proposal at Ernest Meier and recommendations for conditions for the town to submit.
  • The county zoning hearing was on July 17th at 7:30 at the county admin building.  It was an opportunity for input.

Citizen Input
One citizen came to request options for recycling styrofoam.  Baltimore collects and recycles styrofoam and David Warrington will circle back to this citizen to discuss this in depth.  The shorten version is that our recycling plant does not take styrofoam and there is no good option.

Adoption O-2-17 Amending the Personnel Section
The current Town Code is not in sync with the Federal regulations regarding Military pay for employees that are in the reserves or active duty.  This amendment will bring the Town Code into compliance.

Passed 6-0

Adoption Charter Amendment CAR-1-17 Annexation
This is the adoption of the Charter Amendment to bring the property at 6301 Kilmer Street into the corporate limits of the Town of Cheverly.  There will be a 45 day waiting period for this to become final.

Passed 6-0

Council Announcements
CM Riazi: A free presentation of Being Mortal will be on July 18th at Busboys & Poets.  It will be at 5:30

Also, a Boston Terrier named Jack is missing from a home behind St. Ambrose please call 202-812-3233 if you know anything!

CM Stewart: Please come to the next Street Meet, they are a great time to learn more!

Vacation Bible School starts on July 17th  at Cheverly United Methodist Church from 6-8pm.  Call CM Stewart if you can volunteer

CM Garcia: Ice Cream Social 8/19 at Cheverly Station from 1-3pm

CM MacKenzie:  The Library had a great month at the Cheverly Community Market.

We met with the group seeking to fill the Craftsman building.  They are interested in local owned businesses that meet the specific needs of the town.  Please contact me if you know of a business that is interested in working closer to home!

Mayor Callahan:  The next worksession will be busy and will consider the following
1. The Chief will be there to answer questions so please get to David Warrington before the meeting
2. Climate Proclamation
3. Sanctuary City proposal
4. Feral Cats
5. New Position recommendation
6. Ernest Maier Concrete Batching Plant
7. Closed session

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