August Newsletter

Hello all!  I hope you don't mind that I saved the town meeting updates until after the work session. Below are some of the updates.

1.  A Coffee Shop for Cheverly? As many of you know there is a 175,000 square foot building behind the Cheverly Pool that has recently been sold to a development company that is looking to turn it into a maker & market space with community spaces to meet, shop and work on our own businesses.  If you would like to learn more email me at Please stay tuned here and on my facebook page for future events (food truck night!) at this location as well!

2. Curbside Composting In order to get town wide curbside composting, we need 100 families to sign up.  So far we have fewer than 25.  So, if you are interested please fill out this form and you can email it to me or deliver it directly to Public Works.  No need to pay for the bin until we've collected all 100 families!

3.  Trust Town Designation.  Council Member Ivey has introduced a proposal for Cheverly to become a Sanctuary Town.  Although our undocumented residents are protected by our unofficial policy of non compliance, we must codify these provisions to ensure their protections. We will be discussing this in September and would love to hear from all of you about this!

4. Feral Cats:  We had a productive meeting this month with a number of community members on the feral cat issues in town.  We also had Rodney Taylor, the Prince George's County Animal Control officer, come to the work session last night.  We are going to be moving forward on creating a Cheverly Animal Resource Team and will be outlining what that means in the coming month.  I will have an update ready for the next Worksession on Sept. 28.  In the meantime please email me with any questions or ideas.  We also discussed vicious vs. nuisance dogs and the Cheverly Animal Resource Team will also find a way to disseminate the information from Prince George's County on this.

5.  Climate Mayors Resolution: Council Member Riazi and I have been working on a climate change resolution to codify that the town is committed to looking at new development through the lens of the smallest environmental impact.  We will be voting on this at the September Town Meeting.  Please let me know if you'd like to look at the draft language.

6.  Trash Cans at Bus Stops Council Member Stewart brought forward some concerns that there are no trash cans at our bus stops which is leading to litter being left.  We will be looking at some options for trash cans at the next work session

7.   Ice Cream Social/Candlelight Vigil/Ally Training:  Wow, we've had a busy month!  I am so thankful for everyone who came out to each of these events this month.  In an effort to continue to be inclusive we had sign language interpretation at the Ally training and will be offering it at future events as well.  So if that was holding you back from attending please don't let it!  It is really great to get out and about around different parts of Cheverly and meet with new neighbors.  We are planning another event at Cheverly Station at the 6500 block in October (think: Halloween!)

8. New Position:  As some of you know the most recent town budget included a new office position for the town.  We discussed some of the pressing needs (project management, IT, social media etc)  We are looking into ways to meet these varied needs and will be talking about this again at the September work session.  Please come and let us know what you think!

9. Public Works:  Juan Torres came and gave us a great presentation on what challenges his department was facing.  He gave us a run down of their weekly activities and aside from trash/recycling his staff only has two and a half days at most to do all of the other work around town!  Wow, they are busy!  I also asked about smoke free parks/playgrounds and we will be discussing further in September.

10. Police Dept: We had a fantastic street meet/ice cream social in ward 5!  

11. We have a new restaurant nearby!  It's called La Fuente Bar & Grill (link) and is in the location of the old Fanelli's Deli.  It looks delicious and I can't wait to try it out!

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