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September Newsletter

Happy Fall!

Matters Before the Council

At our September Town Hall the council had our first reading for the Cheverly Climate Change Resolution(link).  In order for a resolution or ordinance to pass it goes through three readings and a vote.  So as it stands the vote for this ordinance will be at the November Town Meeting on November 9th at 8pm.  Feel free to come to either town hall to participate in Citizen Input to let your council know what you think about this.

Another  issue that we are currently working on is the Cheverly Non-Intervention Ordinance.  This ordinance would clarify the unwritten practice of the Cheverly Police Department that they are not to participate in civil immigration law. The council will be discussing this again at the October 26th Work Session so if you are interested and able, please come to listen and share your perspectives on this issue.

Ongoing Work

  • I am still working on the feral cats of Cheverly.  If you are interested in participating in the formation of this group please contact me at 

  • The Cheverly Day Committee needs You!  Are you excited about the town and ready to build something exciting?  If so think about joining the Cheverly Day Committee to help make one of the most memorable days in the year!

  • One of our amazing neighbors is looking to set up a Cheverly Makerspace for kids up to high school.  This program would provide a space for youth in Cheverly who often go to different schools an opportunity to hang out with each other after school and to work on their STEM skills.  Please email me if you'd like to get involved in the development!

The Cheverly Police Department hosted their annual public safety day.  Fun times were had by all! The highlight was definitely the huge helicopter that the kids could walk around in, one of my kids friend got so excited that she buckled herself in!  Thank you Cheverly PD for such a great night! 

Another great event this month was the Cheverly Community  Market's Sip Local Event.  It was a great evening with samples from two breweries, one winery and two distilleries!  The organizer from the Craftsman building (CrEATive Fixings) was there too to discuss her vision for the property.  There was even live music!  I am really looking forward to the next event!

Cheverly Parent Resource Center is sending out weekly updates (link) on events in and around Cheverly, please sign up if you'd like!

Landover Row (across from Walgreens)is getting a facelift.   Additionally, they are planning to put in a coffee shop out front!


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Businesses in Cheverly

Photo Credit: Cheverly Commnity Market

Many of you may have gone to the town hall meeting last week where council members answered questions about the Greater Cheverly Sector Plan that will, among other things, bring more commercial development to the town.  This is an exciting opportunity for our community in the long run, but in the meantime, there are already many thriving locally-owned businesses offering a wide variety of products and services.  As a small business owner, I got the change to meet and work with many of these great entrepreneurs.  Below are some of these local businesses, but I know this is only a small sample of what's out there.   Pleaseemail me at bethpmackenzie@gmail.comso I can add yours to the list!


Boz Wellness
Come work out with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer Kris Boswell of Boz-Wellness for a high intensity, fun, kick-butt workout.  Class will meet at Town Park basketball court M/W/F from 6-6:45am. Bring Dumbbell…

About me

Hi, my name is Beth MacKenzie, and I am asking for your support for Ward 6 Councilmember on May 1, 2017. My husband and I have lived here since 2013 and are raising our twin three year olds. You may know me either as the marshmallow lady from the community market or the lady who sends out all of the playgroup emails. I owned and ran Fluffed up Desserts (FuD) until selling it last August, and I'm now on the board of the Community Market as well as the Cheverly Parent Resource Center, where I've been having a lot of fun organizing activities for our neighborhood toddlers.

Prior to Fluffed up Desserts, my career was spent in public service. I have a Master’s of Social Work in Community Organizing and Social Policy and have worked in a Senator’s office, in National Associations and a state Medicaid Agency. In each of these jobs I have focused on healthcare issues and have worked with local, state and federal officials on policies that impact vulnerable people.

As the weather is warm…

Bladensburg Concrete Batching Plant

The Mayor and Town Council held a special meeting, Monday, June 19 at 7:30 pm to learn more about the application for a special exception for a concrete batching plant being developed on the current concrete block plant owned and operated by Ernest Maier.  Presenting were, Brendan Quinn, owner of Ernest Maier, Debbie Scanlon the Town Administrator for the city of Bladensburg, and Chris Melendez, the Vice President for the Port Town Community Development Corporation.  (Please note that all comments herein are written down to the best of my memory and I apologize for any errors or incomplete information)

The meeting was scheduled in order to decide whether or not the Town of Cheverly should send a letter to  Parks & Planning prior to the scheduled June 23 hearing.  However, the impression is that the meeting may be cancelled and the issue sent directly onto the Zoning Board.

Brendan Quin presented his proposal that his company which currently owns 16 acres of land around Bladensburg…