September Town Meeting

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Traffic Study

The contractor for the traffic study reported on his findings. If you would like to read the study it is here(link) .
We had quite a few people show up to ask questions and I'm including those below. The first 20 or so pages of the report are the findings and recommendations.

Q:I asked about the speed studies and why Jason St. was not included.
A: It was a financial decision, they focused resources on different location. Do not recommend raised crosswalks across Jason St. Enforcement could help

Q:Safety at the top of Gast Park for individuals buckling kids into cars
A: sidewalks along the park should help.

Q: Inwood & 63rd Ave: The report proposes shrinking the intersection by extending the corner on Inwood. I was wondering what could be done to help residents without driveways to be able to park near there home.
A: This may not be convenient for that resident but could help with safety.

Q: Why is there no crosswalk to the community center?
A: That was a mistake, we will look into where one should go.

Q: Would a stop sign along Forest Rd. near the entrance to the community center be recommended?
A: no, it may be too confusing with all of the stops at the bottom of the roads the end at Forest Rd.

Q: Would marked parking spots along busy roads like Jason help with the congestion?
A: Not really because the marked spots are often bigger than a car and so fewer cars would fit in the same spots. Maybe the town can mark no parking areas close to driveways to help residents get in and out.

Jason St. resident:
-Parking along Jason is a challenge on Sundays and during events at the school. It is hard for residents to get out. There used to be no parking along the north side of Jason and the PD ticketed but St. Ambrose parents got mad and signs were removed. is there any thought to bring back these restrictions?
-Jason becomes one way and residents are not allowed to turn down Jason St. from 63rd Ave.
-Were sidewalks along Joslyn examined?

Monroe St. resident
-The intersection of 62nd Pl and Landover Rd. is dark and has no sidewalks. It is extremely dangerous and also makes the town look unwelcoming to our neighbors.
-Can the town look at putting sidewalks at this intersection and along Monroe st to increase safety.

64th Ave resident
-Disappointed that 64th Ave between Forest and Jason was not examined. The intersection of Inwood and 64th can be dangerous because people speed through. Are tickets effective? [Cheif said no: too labor intensive] Can the town step up enforcement just during school drop off/pick up times?

Fr. Cortinovus
-Needs to maintain the two handicap spots in front of St. Ambrose since those are the only two spots they have. He is open to looking at extending the no parking on the opposite side (in front of the former convent)
-St. Ambrose can't afford to lose any parking spots along Jason.
-Mayor will go to St. Ambrose school event to discuss need for safety at drop off & pick up.

CM Eldridge
Asked about congestion (not that much) and additional walkways out of Cheverly. (maybe paper street from Kilmer)

Asked for a comprehensive look at the school drop off/pick up routes and give a recommendation to decrease the congestion.

Joseph & Sons Air Quality Meeting

On Monday September 17th the MD Dept of Environment came for an informational meeting regarding the Air Quality Permit submitted by Joseph & Sons Recycling Plant. Below are the handouts from the meeting including the agenda, the list of public participation opportunities and the description of the new units they have installed.

This meeting was the first step. MDE will do a review and will send out notices to local elected officials and other parties as each step is reached. Anyone can call with questions. There will likely be a hearing (if requesting and based on attendance at the informational meeting there will likely be a hearing requested).

Joseph & Sons has three locations. Baltimore, Alleghany County and here. There is not room for the new equipment at the other locations and so this will be the only place that has these processors. Their process is a mix of automated and manual shredders. All magnetic materials are pulled out in the initial separator but non magnetic metal and other stuff is called shredder residue. The new equipment will help pull out even micro pieces of metal that used to be sorted by hand but is often too small for a person to see.

The permit application is available in Fairmont Heights library-Mayor will make copies and bring to town hall. MDE may also make available online after many requests.

Air Issues
  • All of the new equipment has been purchased and is running as this process is continuing.
  • The hours of operation are 24-7 although the main shredder is not usually on 24 hours.
  • All of the equipment is open air (not inside a building)
  • Air quality monitoring is not continuous but periodic (annual/biannual) unless there is a complaint and it will happen quickly.
  • No monitoring is done through taking/testing samples. All testing and monitoring is done through modeling through reported usage.
  • Reports are available through Public Information Act requests. Residents need to go to the office to read/copy reports.
  • Upon requests some recent summaries of reports may be included in the background information at the public hearing.
  • large particulate matter is "deemed to be a minor health risk'
  • continuous air quality monitors are around the state. The closest ones are in Upper Marlboro and Howard county.
  • Resident mentioned that American Lung Association gave a failing grade for this area because of particulate.
Noise Issues
This is not monitored by the state but by the county-if you have noise concerns call 410-537-3215
  • If you don't hear anything new you probably won't since it is already
  • It is not loud enough to require noise dampening head phones.
  • Mayor asked if the shredder is running nights & weekend because he has heard it and it has been as loud as a helicopter. Joseph & sons said it is usually not running at night/weekends
  • Decible ratings for equipment was requested but not immediately provided.
  • Another resident has tested from her home and it was extremely loud (90 decibles? maybe?) I didn't write down the exact reading
Water Issues
  • Water is held in 3 foot retention ponds until it becomes too dirty when it is set aside and evaporated and the waste is sent to landfill.
September Events:
9/20: Public Safety Day
9/25: Rec Council Meeting at Town Hall
9/27: Town Council Worksession
9/29: Hands Only CPR at St. Ambrose

October Events
10/6:Flu (9yo+)& Shingles(50yo+) Shots during Community Market
10/13: Flea Market
10/27: Halloween Parade & Party (volunteers needed!)
1. The handicap button is finally installed at the top of the ramp into town hall.
2. The Bike Path through the craftsman Building is still waiting for the Memorandum of Understanding to come back from the owners.
3. Megan Daley is taking over Cheverly Day. Please contact her to help out.
4. The proposed adults night club on Jackson St. was not granted a liquor licesnse.
5. The town is on the second reading to amend our housing code to allow for the revocation of a rental license if a landlord fails to make the unit available for inspection.
6. The town will send a letter of Opposition to the FCC on their ruling on small cell towers.
Healthy Working Families Act
We passed the updates to our leave policy unanimously at the Sept. Town Meeting.
-One item that came up while looking into this is that we do not have a formal parental leave policy and so the council will be looking into that in a future worksession.
Planning Board Update
-The Planning Board is looking for more members. If you are interested come to check out a meeting it's the second Tuesday of the Month at 7:30pm
They have only four members and need more. Please send any ideas of interested people to Margaret McDonald
Hogan's BW Parkway Proposal
The Mayor is continuously working with the Parkway Mayors to stop the transfer of PW Parkway. The Mayors met with Minority Whip Hoyer and believe they have his support.
Worksession Agenda
1. The State Highway Administration has recently shared with the council responses from the public meeting about Landover Rd. hosted in 2017. If you would like to see these responses I can share them with you.
2. The council will discuss the FCC's small cell ruling and any ordinances the town needs to implement.
3. The Nov. Worksession lands on Thanksgiving so we will discuss rescheduling
4. The council will discuss the graffiti that is popping up on the overpasses.
5. The Election Supervisors will discuss a plan for the next municipal election in May 2019.
6. The council will discuss a letter of opposition for the County Electronic Sign Legislation
7. Update on BW Parkway-Mayor will send the presentation that is being shared with the Congressional delegation.
Police Updates
Public Safety Day is on Sept 20 at 5:30 pm at the field by Town Park. Mission BBQ will be there again for a delicious dinner. Please bring a baked good to be sold for charity.
1. Team Cheverly is expanding and Burglaries are down. Every major case has been closed with an arrest.
2. There are two new officers and one is in the academy. Unfortunately two candidates did not make it through the academy so there are still two police officer openings(link to posting).
3. CM Eldridge asked about the graffiti on the BW Parkway bridge. Chief Robshaw has reached out to the state and are waiting for a response. Mayor Callahan asked if there is anything the town can do to fix it?
4. The Police Department is spending 50% less time on Landover Rd, Cheverly Ave and Columbia Park Rd. Crime at Cheverly Station is also going down. The Chief will make a crime map available for review.
5. Please take note of the on duty Police phone (301) 789-5090. Deaf and hard of hearing residents will need to call county police after hours.
Street Trees Update
In order to stay on top of the planting of new street trees the town authorized $15,000 for a contractor to plant 50 new street trees this fall. The council agreed that public works and the contractor shall reach out to homeowners who will be impacted prior to the planting. Additionally, the trees will be selected based on right tree, right place to help the trees to succeed. If you would like a tree planted on your private property please contact public works at 301-773-2666 and/or fill out this form.
Curbside Composting and Bokashi
We didn't discuss this at the meeting but my Bokashi experiment is ongoing. Our family has seen a significant decrease in the amount of trash we are making and the added time has been pretty minimal. The biggest commitment so far is the chopping of the waste into similarly sized chunks. We are about to transfer our first bin of Bokashi waste outside and I will report back!

If you want to learn more about Bokashi here is the discussion draft I shared with the Mayor and Council.
All content in this email are the personal notes from Beth MacKenzie and are not official town communications.
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