December 2018 Town Meeting

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Ward 2 Council Seat Appointment

Dates to remember:
January 16th: Application Packet Due(letter of interest, financial disclosure form & resume)

January 24th: Work session where selection will take place. This is the process that has been put into place in the past, but it not yet in the Town Code.
  1. Council will review submitted documents
  2. Candidates will be able to make a 3-5 minute speech
  3. Council will vote. A candidate must receive a majority of the votes to be seated.
  4. Appointed candidate will serve until the end of Council Member Ivey's term in May 2019.
A few individuals have already expressed interest in the seat and I would really like to know who residents of Ward 2 would like to see as their new council member. Please email me at and let me know what you think! I will send out information on all declared candidates early in January.

Are you creative? Did you know that Cheverly is filled with talented creative folks and they are convening on facebook! Check it out at Cheverly Artists Collective Group!
Interim Town Administrator Deutsch's Report
1. (Post Meeting Update!) The FY 19 Town Budget is online (link)
2. Purchasing:The suggestion is to move from the informal RFP process that had been using to a sealed bid process that will go through e-bids to be able to gather more bids to see if we can get better prices. In addition to adding this process Interim Town Administrator asked for the minimum contract price for the sealed bid to be $10,000, which is on par with other municipalities in Prince George's County. The Council asked for a report on all bids that don't meeting the 10k limit and the town clerk responded that there were only 6 items in the last 12 months.
3. Leaf Collection: The Town has been posting the schedule every Friday for the upcoming week. Please make sure you keep your leaves out of the street, when there is a lot of rain they clog the storm drains.
4. Snow Parking Reminder: If it snows more than 2 inches, our snow policy is implemented and please park on the odd side of the street so the snow plows can get through.
5. PGCMA: A few members of the council attended the legislative dinner earlier in December. The Municipalities legislative priorities have been identified as:
  • Small Cell Towers: How can municipalities have input on this new technology and hopefully receive some revenue
  • Municipal Revenue Options-We currently do not have a local sales tax option
  • Local Authority-currently when a municipality annexes an area the zoning can't change for 5 years. This really ties the hands of the municipality.
6. Election Information:The Mayor and council are all up for re-election this year. The Elections Board is considering adding a second voting day on the first Saturday of May.

Citizen Input
  1. Ward 4 Resident Tom Ruyle: It has been two months since Chief Robshaw retired and Town Administrator Warrington went on leave, there is a lot of speculation and not much information from the council, please give us at least a basic picture of what is going on.
  2. Ward 2 Resident Lucas Winston: Asked the council to not make decision for permanent chief hastily.
Air Quality Survey
The Town is continuing the discussion with University of Maryland Profressor Sacoby Wilson. It is looking like it may cost between $15,000-$20,000 for the equipment costs. As a quick recap, this proposal is coming about after we realized that the County is not monitoring the air quality inside the beltway in Prince George's County and the Town would like to get good baseline information about the quality of our air.
Next Meetings
1. No December work session
2. Closed Council Meeting: December 19th
3. Town Meeting January 10th 8pm
4. Work session: January 24th 7:30pm
Acting Chief Towers Report
1. Shop with a cop was last weekend and was a success!
2. The Police Chief's Advisory Board (PCAB) is looking for more members, if you are interested please come to the next meeting or get in touch with Acting Chief Towers. The next meeting is January 8th at 7:30 in the police conference room.
3. Crime is down 40%
Committee Reports
1.Green Infrastructure Committee: If you would like to be involved, this committee meets the first Monday of the month at 7:30pm in the large conference room. The next meeting is January 7th.
  • Please don't plant Nandina Bamboo (heavenly bamboo) it is toxic and an invasive plant. Instead, plant winter berry bushes. Go to for more information.
  • The committee also oversaw a plan for the forest areas along woodworth trail and it was just completed.
  • A few members went on a tour of the LED lights in Takoma Park, They got some good ideas about what to do the same and differently.
2. Recreation Council: There has been a lot of talk about ideas for activities folks would like to see in town. One way to turn these ideas into action is to get involved in the Recreation council, in addition to community group representatives each ward can have two representatives. This is a great opportunity to bring exciting events to the town! The Rec Council meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the large conference room. The next meeting is January 22nd

3. Planning Board: The developer from Cheverly West came to the most recent meeting to present his idea for Town Homes. There was concern that this proposal is not in line with transit oriented development that the town is looking for. In other news, there are now five individuals interested in joining the planning board (yay!) while this is great news there aren't that many spots open so the board will be discussing membership in January.
Prince George's Business Center
The proposed development is going into an area that is already zoned 1-2 (heavy industrial) and so there is not much that the town can do at this juncture regarding the zoning. However there are concerns about the traffic impact that this new development will have on our already over taxed Columbia Park Road and Bridge. The rating process for intersections is problematic because it doesn't take into account crowded the actual conditions of the intersection. The town will be setting up a meeting with SHA to discuss a traffic study and also pedestrian improvements.
Ethics Commission Update
The Town staff is reaching out to current Ethics Commission members to see if they would like to continue participation. Our code does not have any term limits. Due to this we may only appoint a couple of new members. We will have a proposal to review in January 2019.
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