November 2018 Town Meeting

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Town Updates

I just want to start by saying that I can't comment on any of the recent news reports regarding the town, but please know that I value transparency and honesty and will share more when I can. It is because of this that I have asked the Mayor and Council to reactivate the Ethics Commission so that an outside board of community members can look into what they can. Civilian oversight of public servants (employees and elected officials) is an important part of our democracy since we are all here to serve you. I hope that this commission will convene shortly and provide some peace of mind to the community.
It's back! Cheverly Weekday Nursery is hosting it's third annual Cheverly Home Tour! We are so excited to continue this fun tradition. Save the date! You'll be able to buy tickets at the Nov. 17th Community Market!
Town Administrator Update
1. Leaf collection time is upon us! Please don't rake leaves into the gutter since that sends them out to the river instead of being collected by the town.
2. Tree trimming is also ongoing, please watch for vehicles stopped to perform this service
3. The Town has hired a contractor to plant 50 new street trees to help restore our tree canopy. The council has asked public works to send letters to homes that are getting the trees so keep your eyes open!
4. The Town implemented mandatory recycling a few years ago, please help out and recylce!
5. The multiuse court is open! Please bring your trash with you when you are done!
6. A new pavillion will be installed over the old basketball court next to the community center.
7. Prince George's County has a leash law, any animal off of your property needs to be leashed.
Green Infrastructure Committee Update
BayWise Owl Certification is ongoing. Check out for more information. Two weekends ago the Boy Scouts planted a few introductory plants to start our Food Forest at the 6301 Kilmer park. Stop on by!
Recreation Council
The winter holiday party will be on December 1st at 11 am and needs some volunteers! There were over 100 families at the Halloween party-Thank you to everyone who volunteered!
Planning Board Update
-The Planning Board's next meeting is November 13th at 7pm in the Community Center Conference Room. Two new members have applied to be added to the board and the council will vote on them at the November 29th work session.
-Some residents may have seen the announcement about the metro maintenance station location. It was originally designated for the parking lot at the Landover metro station. The planning board and other Town Activists worked together to get it moved to the Carmen Turner Facility, about a quarter mile from the New Carrolton Metro on the South side of 50.
-Outgoing WMATA Board Member and Incoming District 47 State Senator Malcom Augustine shared that the hunt or this location was very competitive and will have a few thousand jobs (old and new jobs-I'm not sure how many of each) There will be a public hearing regarding this on November 15th.
LED Streetlight Discussion
-Mr. Torres has met with PEPCO to discuss the option of converting our street lights to LED. There is a grant program where the town is only responsible for 30% of the cost of the new lights. Public Works counted about 598 street ligtsin town and only already existing lights can be eligible for the grant program. The council requested 15 new street lights and the town would be required to pay the whole price. PEPCO is currently conducting an examination of the town to determine what the cost would be. PEPCO is also interested in talking to the buildings and businesses in the Town's industrial park.

-Issues around improving the Dark Sky(keeping light from leaking up and creating more light pollution, human scale lighting (lowering lights) and installing a sample light to allow the community to get a sense of the final product.

-As a point of reference the town currently spends about $95,000 a year on the energy used to fuel our streetlights.
Police Updates
Acting Chief Towers introduced himself to the town with his first town update and a summary of his vision for the department.
1. Increase the use of technology to improve communication.
2. Get the officers out of their vehicles and onto the streets-you may have seen some of them on Halloween.
3. Improve office hours by shifting to something like 7am-7pm
4. Install a call box outside of the Department
5. Weekly staff meetings with administrative staff and Monthly meetings with all officers

Other updates are:
1. Acting Chief Towers is making sure that the town is staffed 24 hours.
2. The minutes from the Police Chief's Advisory Board should be posted online shortly. The next PCAB meeting will be Tuesday, November 13th at 7pmin the Police Department Conference Room.
3. The new Threat of Force (when officers pull their weapons on individuals) reporting policy will be shared with the council shortly.
Citizen Input
-About 30 people showed up to the meeting which is a fantastic turn out. We had a small handful come up to talk for citizen input. My notes are not detailed enough and if you'd like to hear exactly what was said please check out the video once it is posted
**Ms. King from Ward 1 requested that the Mayor and Council alert the community prior to an incident requiring legal action.
**Ms. Lang from Ward 4 discussed the Women's Club 100th anniversary and pass love along initiative. The next meeting is Monday November 12th at 7pm at her home.
**Mr. Ruyle from Ward 4 expressed great frustration with the situation and the need for the town to implement crisis communications.
** Ms. Kone from Ward 6 expressed concerns for her young son and the "code of blue" silence.
Council Updates
I did not take notes of the other council members updates but they should also be available on the website broadcast shortly.

I shared that I appreciate all of the calls and emails from town residents that I have gotten. The town has a unique opportunity to help mold the police force into one that we all want. I appreciated seeing everything at the meeting and hope to see many of you at the PCAB meeting on 11/13. It is time for us as a community to work together and engage with each other to fulfill the promise of the welcoming community that we want this town to be. It is time to increase the openness of both the town ubildings and operations and I look forward to working with you all as we embark on this journey together.
Traffic Study Update
-Public Works has been busy implementing the recommendations from the traffic study and have installed wheelchair accessible ramps and raised crosswalks(and one speed hump) on Kilm Street at Laurel Ave. 64th Avenue at Inwood St. and on Jason St.
-Two speed hups will be installed on Parkway.
-Sidewalk curb and gutter improvements have been done on Lockwood Rd, Crest Ave, Hillside Ave, Valleyway and Euclid.
-The new crosswalk at the intersection of 63rd Place and Jason St and intersection reminder at Joslyn Pl and 63rd Place (both will be painted not raised) will be installed after the town gets more of the marking materials. The goal of these crosswalks are to act as a reminder for drivers to stop at the intersection.
All content in this email are the personal notes from Beth MacKenzie and are not official town communications.
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