October 2018 Worksession

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New Building Use Policy

Sharp eyes may have noticed that our building use policy has been updated. We have streamlined the process to offer paid classes at the community center. Please read below for the new language and if you'd like to offer a new class let me know and I'll connect you to the right person!

D. Paid Classes approved by the Rec Council as providing a benefit to the Cheverly Community. Classes may be scheduled at
time when the building is otherwise not scheduled. Registration of students may be performed by Park and Planning or directly with the instructor. The Building Utilization Committee must be provided with certifications of insurance, a full roster of students and a monthly payment for the use of the facility equal to 25% of student fees.

Gladys Noon Spellman PTA Grant Request.

Spellman installed a Real School Garden in 2017 and is in the process of paying it off. The $2,000 grant request will help finish off the outstanding balance and will go toward teacher training. The school has a garden club for students that help care for the garden during the year and Spellman families tend to the garden in the summer.

MOTION: CM Riazi to approve a grant request in the amount of $2,000 for the Glady Noon Spellman PTA. Seconded CM Ivey.
Discussion of Transitioning to LED Lights

The Mayor and Council discussed whether or not to ask Pepco to come to town to make a proposal of the costs and savings resulting in transitioning to LED lights. A generalized estimate is that a municipality may be able to pay off the cost of the transition to LED in about 4 years through lower energy costs. Concerns have been raised about “blue lights” and it should be noted that the LED lights proposed for the street lamps would be the same color as those already in use in the gym. The Council asked for the proposal to include a request for the costs of; new light fixtures, lowering the lights closer to the street, adding new lights in areas that need them, and the transition of lights at the non-profit organizations around town (churches, Legion). The Mayor will also ask for dark sky issues and ask to do a test run of 1 lamp post to get a real-time idea of what is happening. Once the proposal is complete PEPCO will come to a Town Meeting with a proposal.

Code Enforcement Process-Grass

A few residents have been voicing concerns of the current policy regarding grass over 8 inches. The Mayor and Council are discussing clarifying the process by:

Having violations reset every year

On 3rd violation in a year the resident immediately gets a ticket

Update the ticket for 3rd violations to include a section regarding previous violations and specific language about that violation.

Kilmer Street Park-Food Forest

Lincoln Smith of Forested.US presented on his work. He manages 10 acres in Mitchellville and is growing edible and useful trees and plants that can grow in this climate. They also put on chef dinners using the ingredients from the garden. Volunteer involvement is the most important component of long-term success. Other keys to a successful food forest are; specific roles with leadership clearly assigned, multiple uses(open space, trails, natural playground), clear signage, the involvement of parents and kids. Food forests can be accessible for individuals with different abilities with the inclusion of paved pathway and raised beds.

Next steps: Begin the Master Plan process for Kilmer Street Park, The Green Infrastructure Committee or a new community group focused on this plan can develop on a full proposal for the food forest to present to the Mayor and Council in the spring.

Woodworth Park Process

The Mayor and Council were presented with two plans for renovating the Lawrence Woodworth park. One more proposal is still forthcoming. This park is a small parcel of land at the corner of Wayne Place and Cheverly Park Drive and at an entrance to the Woodworth trail. There will be 2-3 opportunities for public comment leading up to the first Friday of December tree lighting where it will also be available. CMs Stewart and MacKenzie will be scheduling and announcing the opportunities for public input and possibly a site tour.

Employee Recognition

The police department just hired a new Clerk Ms. Roxana Guzman who is bilingual and is able to provide translation skills. Prior Ms. Guzman’s employment, Ms. Diana Hincapie, the custodian for the police building, was used frequently because of her fluency in Spanish and the need for instant interpretation. To show appreciation the Police Department requested and the Council approved a bonus to show our appreciation for her services.

MOTION: CM Eldridge moved to award Ms. Diana Hincapie $500 bonus for providing translation services for the community. Seconded CM Garcia. Approved 6-0.
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