September 2018 Worksession

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Traffic Study Implementation

The council is in the middle of discussing options for the first phase of traffic calming after the traffic study. Our first effort is to slow down traffic during school pick up/drop off. I have shared with the town the call for increased enforcement for the time right before drop off so please let me know if you see this happening! Additionally, we are going to install some raised crosswalks. The locations being proposed are below:
- Raised hump at the stop sign on Joslyn Place at 63rd Place. This can not be crosswalk because there are no connecting sidewalks.
- Raised crosswalk across 63rd Place at the intersection with Jason. (or maybe across Jason just North of 63rd Place?)
- Raised crosswalk across 64th Ave at the intersection with Inwood on the north side
- Raised crosswalk across inwood at the intersection with 64th Ave on the west side
- Raised crosswalk across Jason St. at St. Ambrose Elementary school entrance.

Please let me know what you think!
Town Grants
Town community groups are eligible to receive small grants of $2,000 per year (July-June). We didn't get any grant requests this month.
Some of you may have seen some graffiti is popping up on the BW Parkway bridge over 202. The town has reported this to the Department of the Interior (who owns the bridge) and State Highway Administration (who owns the sidewalk). Neither have responded, we are talking about exploring a memorandum of understanding to allow the town to clean off the graffiti ourselves. There are concerns about this because it would turn into the town having to remove the graffiti from now which would be expensive on so it is unclear if we will move forward or not.
Electronic Signs
Currently zoning and commercial signage are totally controlled by the county, the council is considering sending a letter to the county to ask that the Town be given the opportunity to comment on commercial signs going up in our town.
Curbside Composting
I mentioned in the past that there is a delay in the implementation of curbside composting. I have just completed one month of Bokashi. I have filled two buckets already and buried the waste of one. It doesn't take much extra time and we have actually significantly reduced our trash. We have about one full bag of trash a week. It is great to see a real impact of the composting!
Women's Club 100 Year Celebration
The Women's club is getting ready to celebrate 100 years in 2019 and the theme is "The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create."
They are looking to expand a program started by member Beverly called "Friday Love" she sends gifts/items to people each Friday, The goal is to pass love along.
*The club will be hosting meetings three mondays a month.
*The club will be going through the files in the small conference room.
*The club will celebrate women in the showcase in the lobby of the community center.
*A portion of the newsletter will be dedicated to people sharing good news from the neighborhood.
Smith & Sons-MDE Air Quality Update
I did a longer summary in my last email and I have some updates. First of all I made an error when I said the air monitors are in Howard County and Upper Marlboro, they are in Beltsville & Upper Marlboro. That is still not inside the Beltway.
*Mayor Callahan is looking into getting an air quality monitor at the old firestation
*Mayor Callahan is making an information request for past violations
*We would like to look into water quality
*We woud like to look into maybe get a time limit on usage?
Special Election
As many of you probably know, Council Member Ivey is about to be elected to the General Assembly and so we will have an opening for a Ward 2 Council Member. Appointments have happened before (fun fact: both Mayor Callahan and CM Riazi were initially appointed to vacated seats) and in looking for the process I saw that we do not have a provision for a special election in our charter. There is a policy but it is not codified. I am planning to propose that we codify this moving forward.
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