Curbside Composting

Unfortunately, the cost for the town to deposit the compost has gone up. We are revisiting the best way to implement this program and will send out an update shortly. 
In the meantime I am testing out a new method of 'composting' called Bokashi, this accepts all food waste listed below and you can keep soil it creates for your backyard!
Did you know that curbside composting accepts all food waste, including paper towels, fish, and meat. Due to the increased number of things you can curbside compost, it is still good for folks who backyard compost and reduce even further what goes in the trash!
Not only does composting help us monitor and then reduce food waste estimated at between $1,350 & $2,275 per household each year.* Additionally, removing food waste from the landfill reduces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

*Source: Bloom, American Wasteland, pages 24 & 187