BW Parkway

The Mayor shared recently about Governor Hogan's proposal to to widen BW Parkway.  Please see here for the news & announcements that goes into detail on the proposal.  The Council was lucky enough to have a pretty full house and had a number of constituent comments.  We are still looking for input from the town but as it stands the majority of the comments have been opposed and raised issues and concerns.  Please send me an email at

I personally strongly oppose this proposal, I have been following it since the Governor's Announcement last year and believe that it would not be good for our town, county or state.  We've all been stuck on 295 and been frustrated by the traffic but removing the parkway distinction would allow for trucks to use this road and thus increase pollution and noise issues.  I've heard from residents on Forest Rd about the problems they have been having with the noise from Rt. 50 and that they have not been able to get get help fixing the noise issues.

Mayor Mike has been reaching out to Mayors all along the BW Parkway to form a coalition to increase the impact of our actions to stop this transition from happening.

Please note that in order for this to happen Federal Legislation needs to be drafted and passed

A summary of comments are:

Public Health
-It's an environmentally sensitive area and needs to be protected
-Additional vehicles could damage public health by increasing pollution
-Air pollution increases risks for type 2 and gestational diabetes
-Cars are for people who are healthy/wealthy enough for a car, this disenfranchese many people

Traffic Issues
-Tolls will be bad-if it is a private company they will need to make a profit and that will cost a lot
- maybe should increase enforcement of using the left lane as a passing lane.
- Widening roads does not solve the problem, there is just an increase in cars (and an intro of trucks)
-We need to increase mass transit to reduce cars
-We should look into ways to incentivize mass transit
-look into feasibility of a dedicated method of transit (road? mass transit?) to get to Baltimore/BWI
-MDOT already struggles to maintain the highways they are responsible for and so 295 could be an extra added burden
-One way to reduce traffic is to increase employment opportunities in the county

Environmental Issues
-The parkway is on the national register of historic sights
-This would amount to environmental injustice
-There is a legislative mandate for this to be a park with a road running through it.
-This is a slippery slope to destroying Public Parks
-This is not a standalone park but part of a network of parkways around the area.
-National Parks Service (Under Sec. Zinke) may be required to transfer
-Clear Cutting Green space increases risk of flooding and other natural disasters

Public Meetings
 The next public workshops on the Beltway and Interstate 270 toll lanes are from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.:
  • Tuesday, July 17
    Eleanor Roosevelt High School
    7601 Hanover Parkway
    Greenbelt MD 20770
  • Wednesday, July 18
    Clarksburg High School
    22500 Wims Road
    Clarksburg MD 20871
  • Tuesday, July 24
    Central High School
    200 Cabin Branch Road
    Capitol Heights MD 20743
  • Wednesday, July 25
    Thomas W. Pyle Middle School
    6311 Wilson Lane
    Bethesda MD 20817