Feral Cats

A number of constituents approached me in the Summer of 2017 with their concerns regarding feral cats in their yards.  In response to these concerns we held a few meetings to learn more from the community and our county partners.

The Director of Animal Control, Rodney Taylor, came to one of the council's work sessions. Below are summaries of items that he shared with us.

Animal Control has some low cost options for pet owners/caretakers
  • low cost vaccines on third Thursday 12-2 $10/$15
  • spay & neuter $45
County Requirements for Feral Cats

  • All pets in Prince George's County need to be on a leash and have a license.  The exemption for this are cats who have been ear tipped after they were spayed/neutered (common practice for feral cats).
  • It is not legal to feed non-spayed & neutered cats
  • Non-eartipped cats are violating leash & license law
  • when feral cats go to animal control they are euthanized in about 3 working days or 24 hours. 
  • It is recommended that people only set trap while home
  • $25 license fee if you don't spay/neuter
  • for the leash law-call when you have address of owner-they can give info and remind of law (neighbor could sign affidavit on second offense and fine) On the 3rd time call animal control for hearing, county can only cite if they see it
Other Towns/Organizations

  • 6 local groups TNR(Trap-Neuter-Release) for cheap if we catch the cat
  • Greenbelt & Laurel have good policies, trains caregivers, TNR
  • Laurel Cats, Cats R us, cause for paws, alley cat allies
  • pilot TNR program in county want municipalities to join
  • Dept of Ag has spray/neuter funds
  • City of bowie has an animal warden and laws and
  • New carrolton, laurel & greenbelt
  • need animal control warden if don't have facility that can house them
  • bowie holds animals for a day-can ask to see how many animals
  • assist with animal warden training

What happens in Cheverly

  • We have adopted cats r us best practices unofficially
  • If the town gets a call on feral-officer comes to check it out & if violating=fine

Questions for the Town/Cheverly Animal Resource Team

  • If someone is giving food & taking daily care are they the owner?
  • can a municipality curtail feeding hours? can work within the county
  • We are looking into creating a Cheverly Animal Resource Team and will be outlining what that means

Community Thoughts on Feral Cats

  • The attendees at the meeting had a very spirited discussion about the issues that the town is facing with feral cats. 
  • We are looking into ways to help increase the use of TNR and promote best practices with the individuals taking care of the feral cats.