Police Updates

Police Hiring Incentives
Many of you may have noticed the sign on Landover Rd. advertising for police officers. The Dept. is authorized for 16 officers and currently only have 10.  Our Department has had some turnover of late and are looking to bring on some experienced police officers because they will be able to start work right away(as opposed to going through the police academy first.
To meet this goal, Chief Robshaw along with the Police Chief's Advisory Board suggested a few additions to the hiring package including:

1. priority given to residents of Cheverly and Prince George's County.
2. Allowing for a longer distance (within Maryland) for police officers to take home their vehicles.
3.  A signing bonus and/or additional salary step grades for officers with significant experience.
4.An incentive  for any current Cheverly police officer or Town resident who recruits a candidate that successfully certifies as a Cheverly police officer.

As it stands, in order to allow our officers to take some vacation this summer we will have to reach out to the Prince George's Police Department to help fill in on occasion.

After reviewing the suggestions the council asked the Chief to look at the pros and cons of expanding the search (and allowance of a take home vehicle) to potential officers in D.C. as well

Team Cheverly

Team Cheverly is replacing C-PACT as Cheverly’s Neighborhood Watch Organization and policing platform from 2018 into the future. C-PACT has done a wonderful job for the Cheverly community and many of its successful programs will continue. However, Team Cheverly more aptly describes the partnership that the Cheverly Police would like to maintain with our residents. As you already know, cheverlypolice.org will be the main portal by which the police can share information, provide lookouts and update crime issues, and share our services with the community. How you reach the portal is decided by which political ward you reside in.Ward 6 is Team6@cheverlypolice.org; To join, simply send an email with the words “I would like to join” to the team6@cheverlypolice.org and we will add you to the mailing list.

Services that available through the portal include:
* Latest crime statistics.
* Lookouts tailored to each Ward.
* General news and announcements.
* Request for home security surveys.
* Requests for House Checks (at least two days in advance or call the office).
* General crime prevention and deterrence ideas.
* Notifications of street lights out.
* Notifications of abandoned or unlicensed vehicles.
* Questions about general community problems answered.
* Confidential information will be handled appropriately.

Cops, Kids & Families

Thanks to so many generous donations they were able to expand the number of families served.