Small Grants Program

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2017-2018 Small Grants
Cheverly Day Grant Request
CPRC Grant Request
Cheverly Community Market Grant
4th Ward Civic Association
Cheverly Green Infrastructure Committee
2016-2017 Small Grants

Gladys Noon Spellman PTA Grant
Lowri DeJager came to ask for a $2,000 grant to help cover the cost for ipad charging stations. The school is incorporating technology in the classrooms. The total cost for the two stations they need is $5,200. They have gotten funds from the PTA budget and other donations. GNS is facing a budget shortfall because this year's budget does not include the refugee and other families that enrolled mid year last year.

CPRC Grant Request for School Drive
Laura Freese from the Cheverly Parents Resource Center (CPRC) came with a request for $800 to help fund the school supply drive for Spellman families. The goal is to stock 30 back packs/grade. Spellman has about 600 students and about 500 are on free and reduced lunch. Last year CPRC spent $1,700 on the school drive with the town grant and the donations from member families and were not able to fully complete the backpacks. Council Member Ivey motioned that instead of $800, that the town authorizes $1,200 for the school drive (each community group is able to request up to $2,000 per calendar year and this expanded amount would finish out the remaining funds for CPRC) These extra funds and the expected donations should help to ensure that the backpacks will be finished. I had to recuse myself from the conversation because I am on the board. The motion passed unanimously.

Cheverly Woman's Club: May 25, $800
The $800 grant was requested for scholarships for Peace Camp.