What Is the Council Working On?

A few of our neighbors have been asking me about attending work sessions or town meetings and so here is the basic information.

Town Meetings
The second Thursday of each month is the Town Meeting that starts at 8pm in the gym at Town Hall. Each meeting has a dedicated time for public input. And if there is a bill up for consideration there is additional time for the public to comment on each bill.  This is a great time to bring your concerns to the council to start the conversation. These meetings are formal and are usually done pretty quickly.  They can also be viewed online hereMinutes are found here.

Work Sessions
The work sessions are the fourth Thursday of each month and start at 7:30 in the conference room at Town Hall and the agenda is set ahead of time but there are opportunities for the audience to comment on the agenda items.  These meetings are not televised but there is a lot of discussion around issues that come up so it can be really interesting if you like what you see on the agenda.  Agendas are posted here.

 Please come to both and let us know how you feel about the issues at hand!

Some Issues In Front of The Council
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Laws & Resolutions
Town Business
Parks & Recreation
  • Building Use Policy
  • BW Parkway Proposal(link)
  • Playground Updates
  • Inclusive/Adaptive Playground
Economic Development